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Portugal ebook problem

I'm trying to purchase a copy of the Portugal digital ebook on Amazon and it gives me the following message:

"Item Under Review
This book is currently unavailable because there are significant quality issues with the source file supplied by the publisher.

The publisher has been notified and we will make the book available as soon as we receive a corrected file. As always, we value customer feedback."

I've tried to follow up via email through this website with no response. Does anyone know if and when the guidebook will be available again? I'm putting together my May trip now and could really use the guide!

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Can you buy a copy elsewhere? In 2018, I bought my copy from :

I don't use Amazon's ecosystem though (I don't read ebooks with an Amazon app), so I don't know if you can get an ebook from them in the same format you are used to. I got mine in ePUB format and was able to read with the same Overdrive app I use to read ebooks from my library.

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I probably can buy it there or B&N but I would believe that the same digital file was sent to all vendors so I assume (dangerous as that may be) that they would all have the same technical problems. I'm really trying to find out if a correction is underway and, if so, when it might be available. Thanks.

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I guess if I were planning a trip now, I'd want to get a copy of the book ASAP and worry about corrections later. In any case, corrections are added here:

It's hard to imagine the fundamentals about visiting Portugal have changed that much year to year. Some details always change, whether they make it into the guidebook or not.

If there are technical issues (can't use the book), I'm sure you can ask for a refund.