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Portugal and Faial

My great-grandfather was born in Faial and my sister, husband and I plan to visit to do some research. We're not interested in seeing the other islands but would like to add on another country/place and we're thinking of Portugal because of logistics. We're thinking of flying to Lisbon, traveling around there for 7 days, then flying to Horta, Faial, and spending 3 days, then back to Lisbon for a flight home to SF, CA. Does this itinerary sound reasonable?

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The itinerary is difficult to comment on without knowing exactly when you are going and what your budget is. Logistically, with only 10 days, you should limit this trip to the Azores only and save Lisbon for another visit. If you need to connect in Lisbon for flights, use it for layovers only. Also, genealogy research actually on the ground in the Azores is not easy, even if you speak and read Portuguese. I have been visiting the Azores for almost 25 years and doing genealy research for over 30 years, focused on the Azores.

The church books prior to 1906 and back to the 1500s are online and are in Portuguese only. I can look up someone knowing what village they were from and an approximate date of birth, marriage, or death.

Can you send me a private message with whatever genealogy information you have (can you read and speak Portuguese is helpful to know) and when you plan on going? The more specific you are, the more it will help me narrow down my recommendations.

In the meantime, I will send you the link to my Azores guide to help in your travel planning as well as the link for the church books.