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Portugal and another country

Hi, We are planning to fly into Lisbon with my daughter for her study abroad program this July. We plan to spend a week in another country and then another week in Portugal before flying home. We have been to Barcelona before but it will be our first time in Portugal. We have been to London and Venice before and love it so wouldn't mind going back. Are there any suggestions other than Spain? Sorry to ask this question as most would say Spain. Thanks.

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3 nights in Sevilla followed by 4 nights in Madrid.
3 nights in Florence followed by 4 nights in Rome.
3 nights in Vienna followed by 4 nights in Budapest.
3 nights in Prague followed by 4 nights in Berlin.
3 nights in Amsterdam followed by 4 nights in Paris.

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Surprisingly, the connections between Portugal and Spain are not great by public transport, so I wouldn't recommend Spain!

Why go back somewhere when you have the rest of Europe to visit? Venice in July will be too busy.

You haven't given any clues as to your interests or what you want to see - beach, city, countryside etc, so it's difficult to make sensible suggestions.

July will be busy, as this is school holiday season.

Check out the Lisbon airport website as to where you can fly to direct. There are flights to the Azores or Cape Verde if you want islands (beaches and countryside). A contrast to Lisbon would be a week in Scotland or Scandanavia.

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A quick way to find out who flies where from an airport is to look at the airport's Wikipedia page (a trick I learned on this Forum). Here's the list for Lisbon:

Yes, to get to Spain from Portugal, flying is usually the easiest way, as there are only a few trains (often in the middle of the night) and a few more buses (some with very long rides). If you rent a car in Portugal and return it there, that works - as long as you don't mind some long drives, which with only a week will limit your sightseeing time. If you rent a car in Portugal and drop it in Spain, you pay a very high surcharge. So, you can certainly see Spain if you want to, but it's not particularly easier than lots of other places.

David's list certainly has lots of appealing possibilities. And Jennifer's idea of the Azores is interesting, since they are hard to reach from the US but easy from Lisbon (same is true of Madeira if that appeals to you).

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Thanks.. We like the city and the water which explains why we love London and Venice. We are not so much into museum.. We have been to Praque, Florence , Rome and Amsterdam. Jennifer mentioned Scandinavia which we have never been before and sounds interesting. I will look into which country to start. Azores? I will look into it. Is it almost like Porta or Algarve? Thanks again.

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Madeira is stunning, and it's best accessed from Lisbon (not a short flight). But it isn't a city destination; it's more about the scenery, and walking.

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Hi Sally,

I noticed you mentioned the Azores. A trip there, even though it is still Portugal, is totally different than visiting the mainland (Porto, Lisbon, Algarve). July/August is the best time of year to visit. Azores Airlines offers flights to/from Oakand, CA. There is a lot going for exploring this option, especially ease of travel.

I would love to send you what I put together regarding the Azores. Just send me a PM with your email address or respond here on your post with it.

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I suggest Spain with either the Madrid area, or Seville and Cordoba. Both choices are excellent.

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Hi Sally,

I just sent my info to your email...hope it helps and good luck!