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Porto to PDX

We are taking the Best of Portugal tour and it ends in Porto on October 25th. I am having a difficult time finding convenient flights from Porto back to PDX. Am I just looking too far in advance? There was a decent flight on Lufthansa but it was $2500 for one way! My favorite option was flying first class on Emirates using our miles.....except then I looked at the routing- Porto to Dubai to Seattle to Portland. I don’t care how good the hospitality is and if it is first class, that is just a long time to spend on a plane! I did see TAP has a flight from Porto to EWR, but that only helps us half way home.

Just trying to see if anyone else had this issue with routing and any suggestions. TIA

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For Oct 2020, you are not looking too far in advance.

What I have seen for most airlines is that a one-way ticket costs as much ( occasionally more) than a round trip ticket.

You have enough miles to do only one way?

You have explored 'multi-city' ( aka open jaw) routings?

Looking at the First class suite on an Emirates 777, I think I could tolerate that level of opulence for a lonnnng time.

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When I flew home from Porto to PDX in May of 2018, it was a long day. I wound up using AA miles to fly from Porto to Madrid (on Iberia, AA partner flight) to PDX via Charlotte, where I had a long layover. I really dreaded this flight, as I had to depart Porto at about 7am, but it worked out fine (stayed at an airport hotel near the tiny Porto airport), and the long flights weren't as bad as I'd anticipated.

If not using miles, I'd probably try first to fly home via AMS or FRA with the direct flights they offer to PDX - if I could get a direct flight from Porto to either of those. In the past I've simply added an extra night and spent the night in Amsterdam before flying home - that direct Delta flight home is soooo sweet! Might do the same with the Condor flight home from Frankfurt if it's available. I think you'd have better luck booking the Condor flight as a one-way than the Delta flight. I see there are some direct flights from Porto to Frankfurt that aren't too expensive. If there's no direct Condo flight from FRA to PDX the day you want to travel, there's probably one with a connection in Seattle (or book an Alaska home or something).

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Thank you Andrew, that has been what I am finding. There just isn’t any easy routing. We are actually on the PDX to AMS flight going over. We are going to spend a couple days in AMS and then fly to Bilbao for 4 nights in San Sebastián. Then fly to Lisbon to start the tour. I will check out the Direct AMS flight coming back. Sky scanner has been super helpful too.

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If you can get a cheap flight home from Madrid or Lisbon, you could do the same thing I suggested for FRA or AMS - there are a lot of cheap direct flights between Porto and Madrid or Lisbon. If your departure from say Madrid is in the afternoon, you might be safe taking an early flight from to Madrid booked on your own and do it same day, but I'd want at least a few hours in Madrid to change. I had two hours to change and it was barely enough. My flights were on one ticket so I was protected in case I missed a connection; if I hadn't been, I might still have done it but would probably want four yours to make the connection on the same day.

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I did the same but took the direct flight from London to PDX (which is seasonal so check Delta for the months they operate - also British Airways is starting a direct flight between PDX and London this summer). I took a cheap TAP flight from Porto to London and spent the night in London which was fun. It is not the cheapest way back if you spend the night in either London or AMS but it adds some more travel to your trip.