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Options for Easter Sunday in Lisbon

I am going on the Heart of Portugal tour beginning on April 13. With Easter being the day before, my usual pre-tour plans are not available. My question is - to those who have been there before or quite a bit of travel in Lisbon, what are the options/museums/walks or other things that would be open on the Saturday before Easter and Easter itself that would be considered a "must see" that are not part of the tour? On previous Rick Steves tours, I have found some wonderful things to do in other locations that are not on the regular radar screen and hope that there are some places I should visit.

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We (my husband and I) are on that tour also. We are arriving with our daughter the week before, but she leaves on Easter. I’m hoping eating on Easter won’t be a problem—oh well. Hope to see you soon. Let me know which food tour you decide on.

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Everything will be open the day before Easter, and all the restaurants will be open on Easter Day. Most of the museums, etc. only close on Christmas and New Year’s Day - other than their regular day of the week to close.
So, a museum might be something you want to do. The tile museum is quite nice and a bit off the beaten path.

I don’t know what the tour includes, but just spending the day in a leisurely fashion might be nice. Find some of the miradouros not on the tour, take a ferry across the Tejo to Calcilhas for lunch, even take the train out here to Cascais (which isn’t on the tour and I’m grateful).