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one week travel itinerary portugal, help plz!!


we are a ~30ish year old couple, traveling to Portugal for 7 days next week (land & depart - Lisbon)
Its been really hard to figure out what's the best way to go.. we like a bit of urban athmosphere but also nature (and beach) :) , would like to see a lot but not be in a total rush. we will rent a car

What do you think? should we:
A. Stay around the Lisbon area and travel a bit to the south for a few days?

B. Do the highlights from Lisbon heading up north to Porto?
this is what i had in mind, gathering info from the internet, but i don't know if its realistic:
-day 1 sintra, sleep in obidos
- one night coimbra/or parque natural da serra da estrela
- one night alto douro
- 2 night porto
- 2 night lisbon (or stay in lisbon at the beginning then travel up)

thanksss in advance for your input!!!

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I would maybe split my time, train and car.
Day 1. Arrive Lisbon. Train to Porto (2)
Day 2. Porto/Douro
Day 3. Train to Lisbon (2) with a stop in Coimbra on the way
Day 4. Lisbon
Day 5. Pick up rental car. Drive to Sintra (1)
Day 6. Drive to Algarve (2)
Day 7. Beaches
Day 8. Return rental car. Depart from Lisbon

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You could easily spend the full week in Lisbon, with several day trips out of town, and not run out of interesting things to see. Doing that, you could skip the rental car. There are good beaches in the Lisbon area. In my opinion, Sintra is better for a day trip from Lisbon than as an overnight destination.