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New requirements/restrictions

In the last hour, a meeting of the Council of Ministers has presented new restrictions and rules that will impact tourists.

Please read the above article if you have a trip planned in the near future. Looks like the EU Digital Certificate or negative covid tests will be required for many establishments. Of course, if your trip is months (or maybe even weeks) away things could have changed - again.

But the above website has good up to date information on the current situation.

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Thanks for the article. If I understand this correctly, unless one if willing to be tested for Covid every few days, the country is basically closed to US citizens since we don't have the option of a digital certificate at this time.

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Actually, it looks as though during the week things will be much more relaxed. It’s Friday afternoon through Monday morning that these restrictive measures are in force. At least that’s how I read it. Since it’s such a new set of mandates, explanations to clarify will be flooding my email!

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I don't know if you can answer my question, but thought I would ask. We are American citizens who are fully vaccinated (Moderna vaccine). And we have the CDC vaccination certificate. We have airline reservations with TAP to fly from Boston to Marseilles, with a layover in Lisbon. We leave August 3 (Tuesday) and arrive in Lisbon and depart Lisbon for Marseilles on August 4. So we are not spending anytime in Portugal. We do plan on getting tested for COVID within 3 days of our departure date. Are we affected by these restrictions?

On our return from France, we do have to overnight in Lisbon, but we are there for less than 24 hours. We will be spending all of our time in France.

Thank you for any help/advice you can give.

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Unfortunately, it’s really hard to say what will be happening by August! But, from how I’m reading the new restrictions (of this moment), as long as you have a negative PCR or antigen test, you would not be affected.
The link I provided is one of the best resources of what’s happening Re: covid.

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I've stumbled on recently, and on the left side of the home page, there is a drop down "Schengen News" section. Today's articles include "A Complete Guide to Traveling in Portugal This Summer Amid COVID-19". There is a daily newsletter mailing list available.