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Music Portugal

Hi everyone :)

A friend and I are studying at the royal academy of music in Denmark. We want to visit Portugal this summer And for some reason we had the idea that we should visit some of the "less known" and less touristy places in Portugal and play some concerts at local restaurants and bars.

But as we don't know much about Portugal, we would like to know If some of you have any good ideas for places to visit for our concerts.

It doesn't have to be near the coastline at all, but we hope to see some beautiful and inspiring parts of the Portuguese country :)

All the best

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Are you EU citizens? If not, is it even legal in Portugal for you "play some concerts at local restaurants and bars" whether you get paid or not?

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I'd plan your trip around what you want to see and hope that musical opportunities will follow if it was "meant to be." You can see an overview of destinations popular with tourists at If you're busking for money, then I assume that more visitors are helpful but the busiest spots could be taken. I can't advise you on the legal ramifications and different cities probably have their own ordinances. Any business that provides a stage should require a work permit.

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Thanks for the replies :)

And yes, Denmark is defiantly a part of the EU, and I can't see why it would be a problem playing some nice music.

We are not looking for money at all! All we want is to have a good time and play some free consents at places that also provides a good cultural experience - such as small beautiful cities where tourists are not in crazy numbers.

So if anyone know small cities with something nice to see / do then let us know :) and even better - if you know places we could contact for local concerts.