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Museums/Churches/Palaces open to tourists without EU covid passports/negative covid tests?

We are leaving next Sunday and I am trying to find out which and what home covid testing to buy. Are the sites like museums and palaces opened to tourists all week without EU covid passport? We are from the US and all vaccinated with the CDC cards and state of Ca digital covid vaccine proof. Thanks in advance!

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Sorry, no specific info on Portugal but others will chime in soon. So far, for most of Europe, the CDC card seems to be carrying the day for US travelers.

To Avoid confusion while you are there DO NOT bring up your CA Digital Record if some place asks for a QRR code - just dig up your CDC card. Your CA Digital Record is not a QRR Code and it doesn’t mean a damn thing in Europe. So drop it from your European plan/needs consideration as it plays no part and can only add confusion.

Some have reported, I believe in France (?) of obtaining a EU QRR Code based upon their CDC record…you might want to search for those threads.

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Thank you! My Guide in Evora also confirmed that there is no restrictions at Monuments. Masks are required.

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I will add a bit to your last post. Masks are not only required in monuments and museums but in all indoor spaces. This includes all public transport. Masks are also required outside when you cannot be assured of social distancing. Many tourists who have arrived recently flaunt these rules and there are simply too many of them for the police to address.
But, for those of who live here (and the Portuguese people especially) this is a source of extreme frustration. Please follow mask mandates while you are here.