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Metro and train tickets in Lisbon


To get to a train station in Lisbon, I would have to take the metro. For example, I am planning a trip to Evora from the Oriente via the train. But since I am staying in the Baixa area, I would need to take the Baixa-Chiado metro to reach the Oriente station.

Is the metro ticket price included in my train ticket price? Do I need to pay for a separate metro ticket to reach a train station? In Germany, the train ticket already includes the subway ride. I am wondering if Portugal is the same.


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No, Portugal doesn't have that integrated transport plan. You have to buy a separate ticket for the Metro, either a Via Viagem metro card or a Lisboa Card that covers both sightseeing and local transportation.

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Just a heads up...I found out a few months ago when I was in Lisbon that the kiosks for the trains do not issue tickets for the metro and vice versa...they are totally different. I was confused and had to ask for help and this was explained to me by a worker at the Cais do Sodre train station. The train kiosks were upstairs and the metro kiosks were downstairs...probably in different locations at the other train stations as well. If you are at a metro station only and not a train/metro station, then you should only be able to purchase the metro ticket from the kiosk.

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Thanks for the heads up and your replies. Much appreciated.

Oh and Carl, is it cash only to buy metro or train tickets? Or do the machines accept credit cards?

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It is cash and debit on the credit card! Cash is the easiest of course and quickest with no worries at any train or metro kiosk, a debit or "multibanco" comparable credit card is what is needed for the train. The train ticket can be bought at any ATM in Lisbon from 21 days until 15 minutes prior to train departure, but it might get too complicated with many additional steps to purchase a ticket. Go to and switch to english for all of the answers. For me, use cash to make life easier :-).
All this was provided by my cousin who I am visiting in the Azores. Good Luck!