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Madeira in February

First time posting here! Has anyone been to Madeira in February? Are services limited this time of year? We wanted something warm and sunny and really enjoy hiking. Thanks!

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It's a huge vacation spot for Europeans in February. My cousins were there for two weeks last February.

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Madeira is beautiful and the walks along the levadas are great. Check weather stats to be sure it will be warm enough for you. I guess because of the terrain, the island isn't as hot as you might expect it to be, given its location. I've been there twice in June for a total of about eight days (but not recently), and there was a good bit of rain.

There's a weather summary chart on Madeira's Wikipedia page.

Wunderground has day-by-day temperature graphs going back more than 15 years. I've linked to the February 2017 data.

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Thank you for the info!


So we don’t find most things closed during February? We have been to places where it’s been the low season and many restaurants and businesses are closed.

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Madeira is popular with Europeans in the winter, so places won't be closed. There is a flower festival in mid February that is very popular. The weather, however, can be very variable, depending on where on the island you are located. Chances of rain are high.

If you want a better chance of warmer weather, head further south to the Canary Islands - the hiking is good too.

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Hello @thefivereeds,

I'm Portuguese and I agree with the others... Madeira is a tourist destination and because of that I believe you won't find the local businesses closed. In fact, most of the wealth in Madeira comes from tourism so it wouldn't be good for business if restaurants and souvenir shops (for example) were closed ;)
About the weather, it's uncertain... you can expect anything :|
There are lots of places to go for a hike, close to the sea and up in the hills ;)

Enjoy your time in Portugal ;)