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Lisbon to Coimbra(Portugal) - 1 Night - What is best non driving transportation both ways ?

I must get to Coimbra for 1 night from Lisbon (leaving Lisbon early AM). What's best was bus or train (can't drive ior fly) r/t back to Lisbon or Sintra (my son is getting married in Sintra) ?

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The Deutsche Bahn website shows trains are scheduled every hour or so, sometimes twice an hour, and take from 2-1/4 to 2-1/2 hours. I believe that will be faster than a public bus (tour bus might be quicker). I don't know anything about the need for or advantages of pre-purchasing Portuguese train tickets, but if you want to explore doing that, here's the Combios de Portugal website.

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  1. Sign up at the website AND buy your tickets at least 8 days in advance and you can save money.
  2. The AP trains and IC trains run at almost the same speed. The difference is that the Alfa Pendular trains have fancier seats.
  3. The price ranges from €32,80 for a 1st-class seat on the AP down to €10,50 for a 2nd-class seat on the IC.
  4. You have 2 train stations in Coimbra. A and B, The train from Lisboa arrives at Coimbra-B and a frequent 5-minute train can take you to -A.
  5. You have 3 train stations in Lisboa. Oriente is larger, newer one for the train to Coimbra. Santa Apolonia is the older one and is connected to Oriente via frequent 5-minute rides. Rossio is the station for the line to Sintra. It is connected to both Oriente and Santa Apolonia via the Metro.