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Lisbon Itinerary

So here's what we are planning to do while in Lisbon next month. The rest of our trip is in Andalucía but we will start our journey in Portugal. We will have two small children with us in a small double stroller. They are 3 years old and 13 months old. They are fairly good with traveling and won't need to nap back in the room or anything. Anything we should add or consider?


Wednesday, May 14 - Lisbon


Arrive at Lisbon Airport - 08:50 am

Take Aerobus to hotel to drop off luggage

Get lunch/snack


Rick Steves Neighborhood Walk - Barrio Alto and Chiado (includes Port Wine Institute, Sao Roque Church - Mass at 12:30?)

Grocery store stop

Back to room to nap



Haunted Lisbon Tour - 9 to 10:30

Thursday, May 15 - Lisbon (Get 72 hour Lisbon Card)


Walking tour at 10 (Either Free Chillout Tour or Best of Lisbon Walk with Inside Lisbon) - which would you recommend?


Gulbenkian Museum




Fado? - is there somewhere to see fado where we can take the kids? They generally like stuff like this and would probably be ok. We took my daughter to see flamenco in Madrid before she was 2 and she loved it.

Friday, May 16 - Lisbon

Day trip to Sintra

Take train at 8:31 or 8:46? (Rick suggests arriving in Sintra around 9:15 or 9:30) - use Lisbon Card (free)

Pick up free map at TI in train station or in Museo Regional building one block off main square

Take Bus 434 - 5 euros for the loop all day; first bus leaves at 10:15 or 9:45 am

Visit in this order:

  1. Pena Palace

  2. Moorish Castle (picnic lunch?)

  3. Town

  4. Quinta de Regielara

  5. Back to train station and on to Lisbon

Saturday, May 17 - Lisbon


To Belem: Buses 714 and 728 or Trolley 15E (Rick prefers)

National Coach Museum

Belem Tower


Monastery of San Jeronimo

National Museum of Ancient Art


Cathedral; Mass at Cathedral at 6:30

Sunday, May 18 - Lisbon-Faro-Seville


Train to Faro: 8:31 to 11:24 (22,20 euro or special rate - 13,50 euro if you book more than 5 days in advance) Kids are free according to people on tripadvisor

*Store luggage in train station on Platform 1 while exploring Faro

Explore Faro


Bus from Faro to Seville -

15:35 to 20:15 (18 euros or half 9 euro) Kids are free according to people on tripadvisor

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Before you get your heart set on going to all the places you list, check every single one to be sure that 1) kids the ages of yours are allowed at all, and 2) strollers are allowed. We spent a week in Lisbon, did a lot of the stuff you mention and saw no kids that age anywhere except at a kids' procession we lucked into at the chapel in the Tile Museum. Even then, the kids in the procession were school age and there were very few kids under the age of five in the audience.

In fact, we saw no kids in strollers anywhere. It may have been the times we were out or where we went. Hopefully others will report the opposite.

Also please be aware that Lisbon is very hilly, maybe more than San Francisco kind of hilly. That's why there are elevators up to the top of the hills.

About the Fado. We went two nights to two totally different places: Sr. Fado in the Alfama district where we stayed and Sr. Vinho on the totally opposite side of town. The latter is much more formal than the former which is quite small. Both were great. We saw no children of any age at either place the nights we were there.

Finally, based on our experience, I think you are trying to do too much in too little time.

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This will be our 4th trip to Europe and every single time, people say we have too much planned, and we almost always still end up doing most, if not all, of what we have planned. This is just a tentative itinerary. If we get there and we don't have time to see all of it, then we'll drop something . Last time we went, I got sick in Vienna and we had to cross a few things off our list, so we can be flexible when we need to be.

I have done lots of research on each place we are hoping to see and I've seen nothing about kids not being allowed, nor have we ever had any trouble bringing our daughter to any of the places we wanted to visit the last time we were in Europe. That being said, we have never been to Portugal, so I guess anything is possible! Most of the places actually list that kids under a certain age are free, so I took that to be a sign that they were allowed in. If strollers aren't allowed, I have a baby carrier to wear the baby and my husband can carry our daughter and she can walk part of the way. Definitely something to be aware of, though.

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Thanks for the tips! If we get to the Moorish castle and it seems like too much for a stroller, etc., then we will skip it! The toddler will also be in the stroller so I'm not worrying about her wandering too much. Also, my husband is training for a Tough Mudder (some big tough-guy competition) the weekend after we get back from Europe, so I told him pushing and carrying the kids/stroller up and down stuff will be his If we come to something that doesn't look feasible, then we'll just skip it. I also have a carrier to put the baby in if need be and my husband can carry our daughter, as long as there is a place to leave the stroller at the entrance.

The only real reason we're going to the carriage museum is that it is part of the card and we thought our daughter might like it (she's into princesses lately), but I can see how it wouldn't be too exciting!

I will certainly look into adding St. George and a ferry ride. Sometimes when we get to our destination, things look more interesting than in the books (or less interesting), and we have been known to change plans at the last minute. We just like to have a plan in place so we don't have to spend each night in the room/apartment figuring out where we're going the next day and how much cash we need....

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I agree with the comments on this thread, but I think the itinerary will be a lot for little ones. Since children can be an unknown variable when it comes to how much can be done in a day, it might be useful to make a list of at least 1-2 must sees in a day and a list of perhaps 1-2 secondaries to fit in if the time permits.. Even as an adult who travels regularly, going with that plan has worked for me for more than ten years.