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Lisbon - February or April

Just thinking ahead to 2018 and researching Lisbon. Work in a school so I am stuck with February or Easter break. Just trying to decide which week would be better. I'm not sure about the weather in Feb or the closings for Easter. It is too early to check for airfare for April so that might sway my decision. My question, anyone go during these time periods who could help?

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Airlines typically only let you book about 11 months in advance.
I just bought tickets (DEN-LIS, SEP2017) for $1100 each after watching (multiple tines each day) fares on Kayak for months.
The next day, BA showed $700 fares. Argh. Kill me now.

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Both February and around Easter have their pluses and minuses! February is more likely to be cool with a bigger chance of rain. But, February can have beautiful sunny, warm days - and there are so many fewer tourists. April - especially around Easter, will be much more crowded. The schools in Europe are out for a week - so you would see lots of families, teenagers, etc. during that time. But, the weather is much warmer with less rain.
Last year at Easter (my first year living here), I didn't notice closings except maybe on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Since there are so many more tourists, things stay open to serve them.

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Thank you for your responses. I am leaning towards April but will probably let the airfares decide. I know we will have to wait until early June to check the airlines. Till then I will keep researching and wait for Rick's updated Portugal guide.

Dave, please do a trip report when you return, would love to hear about your experiences.