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Lisbon Airport Uber

Can I get the latest on the Uber pickup point at Lisbon Airport. My searches aren't definitive. And is Uber currently recommend vs taxi?

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I haven’t heard that it has changed. The Uber pickup point is across the small street from departures. I’ve heard it called the ‘kiss and fly’ area.

After baggage claim and customs, turn right (where you see all the people holding up signs with names). If you walk a bit, you will see escalators. Go up then turn left. You will see the doors people enter for departures. Out the door, directly across the street, there is an area where there is short term parking to drop off passengers. Call the Uber from there.

FYI - you can also catch a taxi from departures and save waiting in the long lines in the arrivals area.

I usually use Uber but the taxis are not very expensive and pretty reliable, too.

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We were scammed by our taxi driver from the Lisbon airport (Oct 2019). I had been told the price but we came in at 11 pm then had to wait in a cue of about 100 people (it moved pretty quickly). Once we got where we were going (Alfama area), the driver would not take us up to the parking area for our airbnb (too steep according to him) and asked for 40 Euro (when the meter read 8!) He pulled out all sort of documentation that he flashed in front of my husband. We were just to weary to argue but we did not have extra luggage and it should have been less than 20 Euro even after all the additional charges (for time of day etc).

After that we used Uber. It was very easy and inexpensive.

If I had read some of the posts about disreputable taxi drivers in Lisbon (they arrested a bunch a few years ago), I would have been more cautious (and I could have checked my Uber app and asked about fare before we got into the taxi). Anyway, since you have been told where to get Uber at the airport, I recommend doing that!

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Last summer I took the Aerobus to the RS Portugal tour hotel. I was the only person on it!

Here's a useful link to their website for anyone who's interested: Aerobus Lisbon. On the linked page you can find which stop is closest to your hotel.

As you can see from the green Bus #1 info, it leaves the airport every 20 minutes, 365 days a year, 08:00 - 21:00. Scroll down the page to see the very cheap prices, even if you don't buy your ticket online.

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"I was the only person on it!" There might be a reason for that. We had thought that would be our way back to the airport as we were in a hotel around the corner from the Rossio stop. But then I noticed tripadvisor showed real mixed reviews on timeliness. So I started paying attention in our various wanderings through the area and only saw it once. Asked at the front desk and they said the only time it can be depended on is the first run of the day. It's all luck after that. The 8 euro or so price difference with a cab wasn't worth the stress on the way home. Too bad, looked like a nicer clean bus with good luggage storage the time I saw it.

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We just got back from Portugal and was dropped off by our Uber driver at the same drop off/pick up as described. Uber is really convenient for our commutes in Lisbon, Sintra and Porto. Cheap and fast!

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Hello from Wisconsin,
Do you know there is a metro from the airport to the city center? Don't know how cheap Uber is, but the metro was impossible to misuse. I dead heads at the airport. So you get in and it goes the correct direction. Same with going back to the airport. Get onthe airport line and it stops and everyone remaining on the wagon gets off.

But maybe you aren't going to Lisbon. Or you have heavy luggage.

wayne iNWI