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Lisbon Airport Fast Track

I just found a link to a Fast Track at Lisbon airport that allows you to use a different line for security. Has anyone ever used this before? Also, what are security lines like (usually) at Lisbon airport?

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It's similar to TSA- Pre.
The security lines flow with the amount of travelers which depend on time of day, day of year and any special events.
So far I have found the lines ok - but I also expect to spend hours at the airport waiting to depart .
If on arrival ( at passport check) you see people going to a door that opens automatically after a scan - that's for Portuguese passport holders only. They have the option to to laser scans when they obtain their passports and ( if the system is operating properly) a laser scanner at the airport verifies their identity, the door opens and they bypass passport control.
Not available to non Portuguese citizens.
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