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laundromat in Porto

The map on p. 308-309 of the 8th edition of Rick Steves's Portugal (2015) gives an incorrect location of the laundromat.

Lavandaria do Infante
Rua do Comercio do Porto 43/45

Open daily 0830 - 2200

3 small washers, 5 euros, 60 minutes
2 dryers 2 euros 15 minutes

Free internet, password case sensitive

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As I recall, they had two larger washers as well (can't remember the cost but it was higher than for the small washers).

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If you are going to be there for many loads, it's slightly cheaper to buy the card, but you need to use up all of the card in order to make it financially worthwhile. (You have to recoup the cost of the card to save money).

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Also, just FYI - the detergent is hypoallergenic and dispensed automatically so the cost of the wash includes the detergent. I had a lot of correspondence on facebook with the owners prior to using the machines as I am really allergic to detergent. All was well.