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Lagos to Porto - Train or Bus

I will travelling with my wife to Portugal in Sept 2024 for our 40th Wedding Anniversary, I will be in Portugal for approx 2 weeks and I would appreciate any help with my trip from Lagos to Porto. Is it better to travel by train or bus? If by train, is it easy enough to change trains which I believe you have to do as there are no direct trains from Lagos to Porto.

.Thanks in advance.

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We prefer the train, it has washrooms, snack bar and more comfortable seats in first class.
Tickets are available a maximum of 60 days prior to departure.
Take the eastbound R (Regional ) train from Lagos to Tunes, at Tunes transfer to the northbound AP (Alfa Pendular) train to Porto ( the train is coming from Faro).
The fastest trip will be close to 7 hours.
Book only on the official site

Buses you have two choices:
The national carrier


Bus tickets are available a maximum of 30 day before departure and take over 7 hours closer to 8. Most buses require a transfer in Lisbon.
Not as comfortable as the train IMO.

The other option is to fly from Faro to Porto, about 1 hour, having travelled by car , bus and train , we now take the flight .

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On the static files to the letters in front of the station name P means departure, C means arrival.

How to read the static schedule:
From Lagos board R (Regional) train #5901 at 6.10 am, get off at Tunes at 7.10 am.
Wait for AP train #182 at 7.29 am, board that train and stay on it until Porto, arrival at 12.58 pm.

When you purchase the tickets online it will show that info or updated info if any schedule changes have been made to the specific train you choose.