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Is first class worth it? Lisbon to Porto?

Hi all!
I leave this evening for Lisbon from the US. I will be staying in Lisbon for a few days, then heading up to Porto. I am curious whether anyone has taken that route by train? I am trying to decide whether first class is worth the extra cost. Do you get more privacy? I see online that you get a little more space. Any other advantages?


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Hi N,

I've taken this train several times, both 1st and 2nd class. There's not a big difference, other than you have a bit more space, which is nice if you are tall (I'm 6'4" so always like a bit more room if possible). 1st class is often less crowded than 2nd class, as most of the locals will be traveling in 2nd class. I don't recall this train ever being packed, in either 1st or 2nd class.

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If you can, check the day you travel and see if there is a holiday that might increase the numbers on a train. Also, I think trains at noon would mean less people than earlier or later. We will be on a river cruise from Porto and have to return to Lisbon on the train. We plan to go 2nd class and take the train that leaves about noon.

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It is truly personal preference. First class seating is 1x2 so the single seat could give a little more privacy in that you would not be sharing a seat with someone else. Personally we see little advantage to first class so generally used second class unless there is a super deal on first. Once rode first class on a German train and we were the only people in the car. That was private.

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First class is what we took and I would do it again. Not a lot more expensive and the 4 of us had facing chairs with a table in the middle