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Is Covid test required when travelling from Spain into Portugal by land.

Below is what I understand but I'd like reassurance about what I believe to be true.
We are travelling to Portugal from Sevilla into Tavira
I did send a question to the Embassy but they have not responded.

We are Canadian. I am vaccinated and boosted. My partner is vaccinated and double boosted.

This is the link I got the information below from

2) Arriving to Portugal by Land
In the case of travel by land, each traveller must obtain information about the measures and restrictions existing in each one of the countries of transit, directly with their authorities.

So I am understanding from the attached that as long as we meet the requirements to enter Spain by air, that we can then enter Portugal by land without an additional test.

Can anyone on this Forum confirm this is accurate, especially from recent personal experience.

Thanks in advance.

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When you cross the border from Portugal into Spain by car, there are no border controls whatsoever. You do not need to test.

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We crossed from Spain to Portugal by bus without needing to show anything regarding our Covid status or vax status. That was on 5/5