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How long to spend in Pinhao for day trip

Hi! I'm in the process of looking at trains to take me to Pinhao from Porto as a day trip. Currently, I'm considering the train that would have me arriving in Pinhao at 9:45am, and then I would depart at 6:15pm- giving me about 9 hours there. I'm only slightly interested in wine, so I've booked a 1 hour tour of one of the quintos. I also plan to take the 1 or 2 hour boat up the river a bit, and I may do some hiking. I'm wondering if 9 hours is too much time there- thoughts? I'm mainly going for the scenery and a bit of hiking. Thanks!

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If you plan to do the things you mention, it might not be too long. But, bear in mind Pinhao is very small and isn’t a very attractive town IMO. If you can shorten your time there, I would likely do that - and I’m interested in the wine!

That said, I spent a couple of nights right outside of Pinhão a couple of years ago at Quinta de la Rosa and loved it. They have a nice restaurant right on the river with great views. There was a pop up restaurant up above the town that also had amazing views and the food was very good. I have no idea if it’s still there - sorry.

The river cruise is nice but I was ready for it to be over after an hour.

I didn’t do any hiking but imagine it would be lovely.