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Hiring a driver for Sintra

Hi, everyone, we will be in Lisbon next month, and we are interested in going to Sintra. Our daughter has a mild disability that makes it difficult for her to climb or walk long distances. We would like to go to Sintra, but it looks like it would be too difficult for her to manage it using the train and buses. Is it possible to hire a driver in Lisbon to take us around to all the sights so she wouldn't need to walk between them? And if so, can anyone recommend a good driver/tour guide? We are willing to splurge to give her a chance to see something she wouldn't otherwise be able to get to. Thanks!

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Hello. I've the name of a B&B owner who may be able to provide you with the names of drivers and/or tour guides depending on what you require; please PM and I will be happy to assist.

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Sintra is in the mountains. All I remember doing in Sintra was a lot of walking. The plaza is flat but there is multi-levels to Sintra. A driver would get you there but he cannot show you around in a car. You need a wheelchair and it is smooth enough that a wheel chair would work at the base.