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Hire a car or train?

I am headed with my 4 year old son (single mom) to Lisbon on July 24th. My plan as of now is 3 nights in Lisbon (booked the 24th airbnb even though I arrive 25th 6:30am.) First concern, will my CDC vaccination card let me into Lisbon Airbnb on Sunday am? Secondly, I am wondering to hire a driver/car for the 27th to 28th because I may want to see Obidios on the way up North. I could just take a train to Porto where my Airbnb starts the 28th. I have 6 nights in Porto and have left Aug 3, 4, 5 open to see what is best. My flight leaves Lisbon on the 6th. My son loves beaches but, because he is just 4, I don't want too much rushing around. (This is not for a beach vacation but more for my first time in Portugal! I have been all over Europe.) The beaches near Porto look nice and accessible by public transport.) My challenge with renting any car is I need an automatic car, carseat and could possibly do one way car rental and take train back to Lisbon on Aug 3, 4 or 5. My flight is a flex ticket but, I do not want to postpone til 2022. Also, airbnb, I would need to tell soon, if I am not going. I could change my ticket to a destination in France due to less Covid but, that seems a bit odd at this point. I have been psyched for Portugal!

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You can definitely take a train but there are no direct trains from Lisbon to Obidos to Porto making it more of a hassle if hauling luggage. I would rent a car.