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Great tour of megaliths near Évora

Hello Fellow Travelers,

My daughter and I took a tour of the megaliths near Évora yesterday. We enjoyed this tour very much and thought I’d share this information with you.

This tour had been recommended to me by Kathrynj (a great contributor to this forum who lives is Cascais, Portugal) [Thanks Kathryn!], and it’s also recommended by Lonely Planet, and Rick Steves guidebooks.

The tour company is Ebora Megalithica and Mário is the owner and tour guide.

Mário is a young archeologist who is enthusiastic, personable, and extremely knowledgeable, not only about the sites we visited, but about the history, the landscape, vegetation, and culture of his beloved land.

Mário brought the megaliths to life by explaining their significance.

I strongly recommend this educational and fun tour!

Happy travels!


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Thank you, Priscilla! We are going to Portugal next spring....this is exactly the type of thing we would love.

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Make sure you wear sunblock, a hat, and comfortable walking shoes as you’ll be walking on some dirt trails.

Send me a PM if you’re interested in a hotel recommendation.

Happy planning!

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Hi Priscilla! This is a terrific recommendation and thank you for posting. As you know, I am going to be there in October so will follow and file this thread. I bet you and your daughter are having a wonderful time and just fyi-tell her it snowed 8" at my house last night into today....Be happy you are in Portugal!😃

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Hi Pricilla,

I am so happy you posted. I would be very i interested in any tips along the way?

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Hi Priscilla,
So glad you enjoyed the tour. I was hoping Mario was still doing them, as if’s been four years since I did the tour.
It’s nice to get the feedback that someone else enjoyed it as much as I did.

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We are traveling to Evora as a day trip from Lisbon in about 2 weeks. Is it possible to fit in the tour of the megaliths with a general walking tour of Evora or would we be trying to do too much?

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Hi Andi!
Yes, we’re having a wonderful time here in Portugal, and I’m sure you will enjoy your visit too!

My daughter has been following the weather in Colorado and she can’t believe that you’re still getting snow in May!


I will try to add a post of our trip.


Thanks again for recommending this wonderful tour!

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The megalith tour is 3 hours long.
Mário offers two tours per day, one starts at 10AM and the other one starts at 2PM.

Do consider the time involved in traveling to Évora (90 minutes each way by train) plus the walking tour you’re already planning to do.

I don’t know what your stamina level is, so it’s difficult for me to determine if your plan of doing two tours would be too much.

You want to make sure to visit the cathedral and go up to the roof terrace, the Church of St. Francis and the chapel of bones. The aqueduct and the houses built in the arches is very interesting too.

One last point... We booked the megaliths tour about 45 days prior to our trip. You may consider contacting Mário to find out if there’s still availability for your date.

Wishing you a wonderful trip!