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Getting from Lisbon airport to Faro

We're scheduled to arrive in Lisbon Feb 17 at 8:10 a.m. on an overnight flight from New Jersey. We then need to get to Faro. Looks like the Lisbon airport does not have a train station so we're wondering about flying versus taking the train. There are 3 flights to Faro each day. One leaves the Lisbon airport at 9:45 am. Am I cutting it too close to make that flight? Not sure how far the United terminal is from the TAP Portugal terminal, if there are extra COVID precautions that would delay us from making the 9:45 flight, how long it will take to get our luggage, etc. The next flight isn't until 3:50 pm. and the thought of being at the airport all day isn't attractive.

If it IS easy to train from Lisbon to Faro what are tips for getting from the airport to a train station? Can I wait to buy tickets the day I arrive?

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The airport does not have a train station but it does have a metro station. You could take the metro 3-4 stops (sorry can’t remember exact number) to the Oriente Train Station. There is an IC (intercity) train that leaves around 10:00. It’s direct to Faro in 3:28 minutes. The IC isn’t as nice as the AP but it’s fine. The AP doesn’t leave until late afternoon. Yes, you can buy same day tickets but they are about twice the price - still very reasonable. is the website for trains in Portugal.

It would be cutting it really close to make that connection. However,, the last time I was at passport control when it was very crowded (summer), the staff was pulling out passengers with connecting flights to a special line so they could make those flights. FYI - both United and TAP are in the same terminal.

There are many extra restrictions regarding Covid. Be sure you have researched them thoroughly before coming. They change pretty frequently, too! Safe Communities Portugal is a good resource plus your airline should send out info shortly before your flight. The extra restrictions would hold you up but not certain how much.

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Even if there is no station at the airport, Oriente station is as mentioned really close (2.5 km or a few stops on the metro).

If you arrive 8.10 I would not advise booking a 9.45 flight, you might be able to make it but it's far from guaranteed. Both your flights will most likely use the same Terminal. You would need to drop your luggage for the Faro flight 9.00 at the latest, so you have 50 minutes to get from arrival gate through immigration, retrieve your luggage, go through customs and check in again. Might be possible, but the margins are small and a transatlantic flight can be delayed.