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Feedback on Itinerary Please!

June 2018.
Lisbon - four nights - day trips to Sintra and Cascais.
Evora - one night.
Tomar - two nights. Teenage boys and husband are super excited about Knights!
Coimbra one night.
Porto 5 nights. Day trips river Guimaraes ... and ..? If we love Coimbra could go back for a day.
All via train. VRBO Lisbon and Porto.

All suggestions are incredibly appreciated! Where to stay in Evora? Coimbra? Two teenage boys so generally need two rooms. Pool sounds good in Evora. We are active, like tours, love churches, history, ruins, parks, beaches.

Thank you for your time!

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The destinations you have chosen are good, but the one night stays will not give you much time in those places. Lisbon deserves more than four nights, especially with trips to Sintra and Cascais.

The attraction in Tomar is the Knights Templar stuff and it can be done in an afternoon. If you have to chose between Tomar and Evora or Coimbra for two nights, Tomar would be my choice for a one night stay.
With only 15 nights by my count, I would drop at least one place and slow down a bit with the day trips in Lisbon and Porto.

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Hello @Julie,

I'm Portuguese and I'm glad you've chosen Portugal to spend part of June ;)

You itinerary is a good one. I'd make some changes though:

  1. I agree that 2 nights in Tomar is too much even though I love that town... It'll be the beginning of summer so I believe that you would have time to visit the historic centre and the amazing Castle and Convent of Christ; if your boys and husband love the Knights Templar, then you should consider visiting Almourol castle before heading to Tomar ;)
  2. In my opinion you'd need two days to visit Sintra and admire/visit all of its cultural landscape (one of my top 3 places in Portugal)
  3. If you leave two days to visit Lisbon, then maybe you should stick to Belém quarter and the area around the castle and downtown (beware of pickpockets!)
  4. I live near Porto and you can visit its amazing historic centre in a day. However, if you want to explore the city and visit other areas (closer to the beach for example) then you'd need another day
  5. Douro Valley is amazing at that time of the year and maybe you should consider to rent a car and explore that place a bit more :)
  6. If you're going in June, it's almost certain that you're going to be present during Santo António (Lisbon) or São João (Porto) (popular saints) - you'll love the atmosphere and you won't regret spending some time enjoying these festivities...
  7. Coimbra has lots of beautiful places to see so I'm sure you'll also love it and want to stay a bit more ;)
  8. In Évora you can consider staying in Hotel Moov Évora... great location and price ;)

I hope you enjoy your stay in Portugal :)