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Extra day in Porto or London?

Taking the RS Portugal tour which ends on July 7 in Porto then Best of London beginning July 9. Trying to decide on staying in Porto July 7, then flying onto London July 8 or just leaving Portugal and having another two nights in London. Never been to Portugal and not to London for many, many years. Is Porto worth another day and night? I'm pretty sure the hotel in Porto would be less expensive but that is not a major concern. Any thoughts?

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The itinerary indicates that the group spends the better part of two days in Porto, and I get the feeling that you'll have time for pretty much every thing on Porto At a Glance list (but I haven't been to that city). Those who have an early flight on the last official tour morning can be rather stressed the day and evening before, so at least try to fly at a comfortable time. While you'll already be getting a big dose of London, there's always more to see.

P.S. I see the same conclusion reached on the England version of this question.

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Porto has a limited number of "attractions," while London has a nearly unlimited number. Unless your research turns up specific things in Porto that you need more time for, go to London.

The two things I enjoyed in Porto that are not included in your tour are the Serralves Foundation (modern art with lovely grounds) and the Museo Nacional Soares dos Reis (has very nice paintings by Portuguese artists who aren't famous because their work hasn't traveled, and some amazing sculptures by Soares dos Reis - if you like Bernini, you'll like these). You can use your free time to see one or both of these; if you do want to see both, you may need an extra half-day.

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I must say, Alan, I was not a fan of the Serralves Museum in Porto which was part of the RS Portugal Tour in 2015 which I took. I noticed that the Serralves Museum tour is no longer featured in the 2016 tour and has been replaced by a food tour. A good move, in my opinion. Admittedly, modern art is not my cup of tea, so perhaps you would enjoy it. In my opinion, the exhibits in the museum were lackluster and often ridiculous (A display of a contact lens case and a bottle of contact lens solutions in a glass enclosure - really?) Obviously, the highlight was meant to be the Art Deco home, but even the home was not that spectacular to me. I mean, if you have seen other Art Deco homes, this was nothing out of the usual to me. The grounds were lovely, but, unfortunately, we had a rainy day in Porto on the day of the visit, so the weather was not conducive to strolling the grounds. I would have definitely preferred spending the time seeing something else or doing something else, but, then again, that is me.

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Hello Alan,
I was on one of the Portugal tours in 2015. Did have extra time to see what I wanted to in Porto. The Serralves Museum in Porto was on our tour. I love art, but there was really not much to see. They were changing exhibits, so we walked thru the museum and then the gardens.
I did stay one more night but my day trip was taking a train to Aviero.

Check out this town and its beach area really cute. Costa Nova is the area with the cute striped candy color beach houses.

But then I took another train to Agueda. They have a really cute town with an art exhibition throughout the town. The main exhibition are these amazing hanging umbrellas.

London, is always a favorite place of mine. There is always theater productions, museums, etc. My favorite is seeing a play at the Globe.
Have a wonderful adventure!

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Thanks all! Still deciding. Tough choice. Leaning towards London, only for this: we spent our honeymoon there 43 years ago on a shoestring budget. Charter flight, cheap hotel, constant Indian food, etc. A highlight was Kew Gardens which the RS tour does not take in. I see there is a boat from Westminster to Kew and my wife would love that.