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Evora to place to do an Overnight/part day stop?

Hi guys,
We're going to Portugal next May with a side trip to Seville. I've done some research and can't decide, so thought I'd ask you.
Do we stay in Evora from 5pm Fri through to Sunday morning then drive the 3.5hr to Seville? (2 nights Evora and 1 full day) OR stay the Fri night and half Sat in Evora, then drive part way to Sevilla stopping overnight (mainly to break up the long drive and to see a different part of Spain). We'd then leave for Sevilla Sunday lunchish. (making it probably only a 1hr drive) Arriving about 2ish.
Thoughts? Also where to do the stop over? I've been looking at Alange (Spain).
*We lose 1 hr going into Spain, so the 3.5 hr drive from Evora really is 4.5. (leave at 10 and arrive @ 2.30pm)
Thanks everyone!

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I really liked Evora, so I would spend the 2 nights there. You really haven't given it any time if you arrive at 5 pm on Friday and leave the next day.

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We drove east then south to Seville from Evora in Spring 2017. N256 east, EX 112 south east in Spain, N435 and N433 to Seville. Note "Are you confused yet?" The road east and south to Seville was paved and spanking new at that. We followed it toward Arcena, Spain. Take a look at Jerez de los Cabelleros for a stopping point. I could kick myself for not exploring the fort/castle and the hiking in the area. We did stop at Italica for a very good lunch with the locals across from the entry. It is a large Roman site with a colosseum which you can view the lower levels. Mosaics were lovely.
We have been to Spain 3 times. We had not been to Seville. We enjoyed the park and palace. The cathedral was over the top after seeing so many churches in Lisbon. If I could take it back, I would not do Seville as a side from Portugal. We liked the drive to and out of Seville and the sites we took in. On the way to the west coast of Portugal we stopped at La Antilla, Spain for lunch at the sea. Crossing the Rio Guadiana is lovely in the spring.
We stayed 3 nights outside Evora at a farm stay. Evora itself a little more than a half day. Splurged on 14E per person for the private blue tile chapel and museum. We were in the chapel alone, can you believe that? The highlight was the scheduled tour of the cave painting(s).

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Hmm. Thanks. We're coming from Australia, and doubtful we'll ever be in that part of Spain again, hence wanting to see Seville. (we've been to Barcelona) We're doing 4 nights in Lisbon and then 4 nights near Tavira after Seville.
From everything I've read a half day In Evora to see the main bits is enough, I am concerned I'll get there and love the quaintness of it and wish we had more time! lol
There will be 3 adults and 2 kids, so I don't think we can just decide on the day and hope to get accommodation...That'd be the best thing to do!

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An advantage of staying a bit longer in Évora is a wonderful megalith tour. It’s a half day and was the highlight of my first trip to Evora. It’s run by an archeologist who is great.
I’ve never done the drive, but from what I’ve heard, it’s an easy drive from Evora to Sevilla.