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Evora on a Sunday?? And, a Monday??

We are planning to be in Evora the second week of April. Will the churches/museums (anything?) be open on a Sunday?
And, Mondays? Again, is anything open??

If everything is closed (as I fear), could you suggest options for Sun-Mon?

Thank you!!!

Note -I thought of Estremoz but it seems that the Palace Ducal in Vila Vicosa is only open in the afternoon on Sunday and so I assume there is no English tour. Is this correct? and, it's closed Monday!

Thank you!!

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Some things in Evora are closed Sundays and some closed Mondays, but not both, so you'd have to review listings pretty carefully, for instance in Rick's guidebook, to choose your sightseeing priorities. Or if you're there both days, you'd be covered. These are open daily: tourist office, outdoor Roman ruins, cathedral, Church of St. Francis & Chapel of Bones.

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Wonderful! We'll be there both days and have decided to head to Ever directly on Saturday, rather than pausing for lunch (so we should be in Evora before noon). Then, we could might to the coast for seafood Sun or Monday - it's really not that fart...

I will be going thru Rick VERY carefully just as soon as he arrives - by Amazon this afternoon. Isn't it funny -- Rick seems like our collective personal (albeit well-traveled) friend! and, one we;'re all very lucky to have!

Many thanks!