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Evora and Nazare

Spent 2 weeks in Portugal in 2018, but did not include Evora and Nazare.
Looking for advice about these 2 towns:

1) are these towns worth a visit? planning 2 nights in each town (travel day then a full day)

2) suggestions for places to stay (B&B) and restaurants in each town?

3) any experiences visiting neolithic sites around Evora? thinking of joining a 1/2 day tour, experiences?

4) hoping to use bus or train to reach each town; one day travel from Evora to Lisbon then onto Nazare
Is this a reasonable expectation?

thank you.

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Evora is very worthwhile with many historic sites while Nazare is a touristed beach town. We had a seaside lunch in Nazare which was enough. We enjoyed staying at Pousada Covento Evora and did not want to leave.
We had a car so can’t comment on public transit.
Have you been to Aviero?

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In a nutshell: Evora is worth it, Nazaré is not. There are great ocean views, and little else.
Much better to spend those 2 nights in Coimbra, for instance.

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I agree, stay in Evora for 2 nights but Nazare can be seen in a day trip.

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Honestly, I'd skip Nazare completely. Lots of tourists, a beach, tacky shops and some seafood restaurants. Put your days somewhere, anywhere, else. Evora, on the other hand, is really worth it. The neolithic sites are interesting, but take a tour for the best experience. We had a guide take us to a cork farm, which was interesting. Actually, she was a co-owner, so she had a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm.

We had a car, so I can't comment on the train/bus connections. We stayed at Albergaria do Calvario, our second choice, and we weren't disappointed. It was lovely. The property was sold by the couple mentioned in the last RS Portugal guide, but the new owners were friendly and helpful. The room was spotless and the breakfast was great. It has an elevator and parking, too. It wasn't as expensive as the pousada in town.

We'd recommend Taberna Tipica Quarta-feira and Restaurante O Fialho, but it's best to either eat very early or make a reservation at both. Out in the countryside, in Santiago do Escoural is Rabinos, which was outrageously great and so inexpensive I couldn't believe the prices. It's simple, hearty food. of the Alentejo. It's about 30 minutes outside of Evora, and well worth the drive.

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I totally agree with the other posters to skip Nazaré. Coimbra is so much better for a two night stop.

When in Evora, the Evora Megalithica tour is great. It’s run by a young archeologist who is knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

Both Evora and Coimbra are easy by train while Nazaré not so much.

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Thank you to all who replied. I've decided to skip Nazare and stay in Evora for another day
and was thinking of renting a car.
Anyone have suggestion for a wine tour or a tour of cork farm or factory or something else like a scenic drive (30-40 minute drive from Evora)?

Rick Steves' Portugal book mentions an organized walking tour in Evora starting from the Tourist Information center. Anybody take it? Your thoughts?

Wanderlust58 - thank you for the suggestions for hotel and restaurants. I checked their websites and they look wonderful!

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I took a cork tour at Corticarte Em Arte in Azaruja a few kms outside of Evora. Spend a little time in their shop afterward. The prices and merchandise were the best I saw in Portugal.

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Nazare is the location of the biggest waves in the world. They usually arrive in the winter. They have a surf contest when the waves are the biggest. Surfers fly in on a three day notice.
You can go to the lighthouse to see it all. It will be right in front of you.
When I say big, they are greater than 50-60 feet. They determine the wave size from photos and the surfer in the photo. Look up Nazare surfing on YouTube. It is incredible. So if you have a chance in the winter to go there it would be a once in a lifetime chance to see waves like that.

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I wanted to agree with previous replies. You can spend half a way in Nazare. Nazare has world largest waves. They are huge. I recommend driving to the lighthouse and see if you can see any large waves. If not, then it is amazing to later see on the tv screen when they announce more news about largest wave in the world surfed. Totally recommend. I just visited this place well and even when waves were not their largest, they were still huge. Epic view.