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My husband and I are trying to follow Rick's two week itinerary sans car. He states to only stay in Evora one night. We hate just overnight stays, but we don't want to stay somewhere that doesn't warrant two nights. Any suggestions?

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I find RS itineraries to be far too fast paced- as do most others here.
I think he says to spend 3 nights in Salema as well- which looks rather boring to me! lol

I've been planning our trip for 6 months and still can't decide if we'll spend 2 or 3 nights in Evora (probably settle on 2)
1 day for Evora sights, 1 for Megalith tour/more Evora, 1 for a day trip to Monsaraz or Estremoz, etc (with car).

I guess you could do with just 1 night if Megalith tour doesn't interest you-

What does rest of your itinerary look like? Could you use that night elsewhere?
Is Evora a must for you?- maybe skip it all together if you don't feel it warrants 2 nights and you don't want to do 1 night stay.

RS makes no mention of so many interesting worthwhile places to see in Portugal- and there are tons of them! Use his plan as a starting point but look elsewhere for other ideas. has lists " 15 things to do in (blank)"

Julie Dawn Fox's blog also has great info

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I totally agree with the previous poster. Don’t limit yourself to the RS recommendations! He misses so many good things and focuses on a couple of places (Nazaré and Salema) that are a mystery to me and a number of others on this forum.

Evora deserves two nights - if for no other reason than the Megalith tour. It’s my favorite thing to do in that area. The food in Evora is also very good, so two nights give you more time to try it and the wine out.

And, the recommendation of Julie Dawn Fox is spot on.

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I just looked at the RS itinerary.

  1. It's ridiculous without a car
  2. Even with a car it's too fast paced.
  3. I didn't much like some of his recommendations, loved some places not on his radar
  4. With only 2 weeks I would focus on the center (Lisbon etc) plus either the Algarve or the north. Without a car I don't know how enjoyable the Algarve would be.
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A highlight of our time in Evora was touring a cork farm. There are a couple of options, but we did this one:

If you don't have a car, they will pick you up at your hotel for an added fee. It was about a 35-minute trip (east) from Evora. Tour lasted 2-3 hours. A great experience.

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I also recommend Michelin Green Guide, Rough Guides, and/or Lonely Planet.

I agree with others that Rick’s guidebooks omit a lot of interesting places, not just in Portugal, but other countries, too. For example, he omits Malaga, except for using it as a transportation hub, in Spain, and he omits Zadar in Croatia. I’m sure there are others.

What does the rest of your itinerary look like? Rick’s tours are too fast paced for me, as are many other tour companies tours. That’s why we are all independent travelers.

I do like Rick’s walking tours, though.

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Hello from Wisconsin,
We spent several days in Evora, but we had a car. Without a car and the ease of visiting surrounding villages two night mandatory. That gives you an evening to walk around, a day to visit locations and shop, and evening, and then a morning coffee and off you go.

And there is a wonderful 9 seat restaurant in Evora that will give you a life time memory. It is called, Botequim da Mouraria. Get there early to wait in line. Try to be first. They take orders and serve food based upon when you enter, and it fills FAST.

wayne iNWI

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There's not enough to do IN Evora to justify two days. However, like others said, there are things to do around Evora that are cool. If you can go visit a cork farm, definitely do it. It's fascinating.

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Did Evora in one day taking the train from Lisbon. This was in 1985 and used the wonderful Michelin green guide book. We did a great job seeing the sites in one day. Of course, I was in Mykonos 30s then.