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EU Digital Vaccination Certificate

Portugal authorities indicate that an EU Digital Vaccination Certificate is one of the requirements for entry. Can US citizens get one of these certificates? If so, where can one be obtained?


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Unfortunately, that's only for EU citizens. The other two options for entry are a negative test within a certain window before your flight or a "valid Vaccination or recovery certificate issued by a third country, under reciprocal conditions" but I haven't quite been able to figure out if that would include CDC vaccine cards or not.

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Thanks. I'm also now hearing that my cruise line is requiring a test on the dock prior to boarding in addition to the the pre-flight COVID test prior to departure from the USA. If we test positive, we will not be allowed to board. This seems risky to me. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

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Hank - when are you traveling?

Rules for Portugal are set to loosen on Oct. 1 for hotels and many venues. And - hopefully, as time passes - will be even further loosened.

But for travel - looks pretty much as it has been - As I read the "proposed" Oct 1 info - it's the EU digital cert. or negative test to enter (still does not specify that the US vac. card is acceptable for entry). I don't believe non-EU citizens or residents are able to request an EU - DVac card.
The pre-boarding negative test may depend on where your cruise originates. Each country has set their own rules.
Probably best to ask the cruise line their specific requirements for your specific date/cruise. And watch their website for changes/updates.

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Actually, you can get an EU Digital COVID Vaccination cert as a non-EU citizen. I got mine in Germany at a participating pharmacy. No idea if you can get one while in Portugal, though.

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@cjunkhjunk did you use the CDC card for that? I actually have the SMART Health Card (QR code based) as I got my shots at CVS. Wondering whether that can be turned into that in Portugal ... Was in Germany last month, should have given it a try, sigh ...

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We just returned from Portugal on 10/21. When we landed in Lisbon on 10/14 they checked our CDC vaccination cards but not our negative tests. Delta required proof of a negative test before we left but Portugal did not.

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Regarding the cruise. I am guessing you are on the Norwegian transatlantic cruise? They state they test all passengers at their expense prior to embarkation. They give everyone an antigen test. If a positive, they follow up with a PCR test.

If you are worried about getting all the way there and then testing positive, you can take a test before you leave home for your peace of mind.

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@wuxbos I just used my paper CDC card and passport to get the EU Digital Cert, which is 2 pieces of paper (one for each shot) folded like a booklet each, with each having a EU QR code that can then be scanned into any of the various EU apps to show proof (or you can carry the paper EU certs and show those).

I haven’t seen or heard of anyone in the EU accepting digital versions of the CDC vaccination card or it’s QR code.