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EU digital Covid certificate

Are American citizens eligible for the EU digital Covid certificate?


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There is no EU covid pass. Each Country issues it's own "green pass" but all EU countries use a common format and honor each others passes.

However, each country does differ on whether they will issue a digital version to non-residents, Italy does not, France has, but reports on whether they continue to do so go back in forth. Germany was at one time, but some reports that they are not., plus they do not honor the CDC card, except for entry, but not for restaurants, museums, and the like.

With the exception of the Netherlands though, most EU countries will allow you to use your CDC card as proof of vaccination.

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At this point, restaurants and hotels are not requiring EU/ Green passes in Portugal. As numbers are creeping back up, this could change. But, for now, once you’re in the country, you’re good. But, expect to wear a mask on all public transport and inside pretty much any building.

But, the direct answer to your question is, no, you aren’t eligible unless you are an EU resident and received your vaccines here.

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It looks like USA requires a PCR test before arrival in
Even with vaccinations?

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Not certain if It’s US or Portugal but, negative test is required. However, check to make certain it has to be a PCR. I came back from the states in June and just had the antigen. But, I also had my EU certificate. And, it could have changed considerably since then. The airline should send you an email with links to check what exactly is required.

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Portugal requires a negative test to enter from the US, but it could be an antigen or PCR test even those who are vaccinated.

The US needs a negative test to enter taken within 3 days of departure. It can also be antigen or PCR.

The antigen is quick and much less costly. We took one before returning to the US from Italy last month and it was no more than 15 minutes from the time we entered a pharmacy to walking out with a printout of our results.

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UPDATE: We are home from our Transatlantic cruise. We stopped in Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga/ Granada and Cadiz/ Seville. We only needed the CDC Vaccination Certificate in Spain when sitting inside bars and restaurants. None of the ports asked for them.

The same applied to Portugal.

This may all change with the new COVID-19 restrictions.