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Entering Portugal from Spain - COVID Tests

We are flying into Madrid, leaving two weeks from today, and hope to spend a few days in Portugal and I'm trying to figure out whether we should bring antigen self-test kits. We are five vaccinated adults (US citizens, so the CDC cards) ... and I know we need a negative test to get back into the United States, and assume we may need one at other times (checking into hotels, going to restaurants/museums, etc.). The info on this website has been super helpful - but I know may also be outdated with the new requirements (and I've also posted this question in the Spain forum).

So, my questions are:

  1. Will we need a negative test to enter Portugal in our rental car (we are flying into Madrid as the flight times/cost were substantially better than flying into Lisbon)?
  2. Are negative tests regularly required in Portugal for vaccinated people (e.g., to check into a hotel, eat at a restaurant, etc.)?
  3. Are self-test kits readily available in Portugal (e.g., at hotels for check in, in pharmacies, etc.)?

Thanks much!

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