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Drugs in Portugal

At the risk of sounding terribly provincial, I am going to ask my question anyway. My husband, 18 year old son and I are planning to visit Portugal this coming summer. We have traveled together to Spain a couple times, but wanted to add another country. I've read that some drugs are legal in Portugal and that in Lisbon, in particular, the vendors are out in the open. Is that true throughout all of Portugal? It's not a deal-breaker, but I'd prefer not to encounter any drug dealers, if possible.

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We've been to Portugal many times, the last in 2012, and have never seen any drug dealers. In the touristic areas of Lisbon there are many police patrolling on foot so drug dealing should be rare. You're more likely to encounter pickpockets.

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Just say no:) LOL

It's highly unlikely these dealer are going to be hanging around the major tourists sites/districts. You most likely encounter these types of activities where there is a lot of nightlife.

All major cities have drug dealers (legal, tolerated or otherwise) you shouldn't let it impact your itinerary.

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My friend, and her family, have been living in Lisbon for the past two years and she is befuddled by your question as they have not encountered this type of activity. She did make a good point by asking if you have googled what differences exist between Spain and Portugal drug laws? Regardless, go enjoy a great trip!

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My question came after watching a travel podcast about Lisbon which mentioned the drug sales. During the actual podcast, a dealer came up and offered to sell drugs to the host. (Maybe this was planned.) Anyway, I googled drug laws and saw that some drugs have been decriminalized. I am very pleased to hear that this is not an issue and I'm looking forward to planning my trip to Lisbon and the rest of Portugal. Thanks so much for the replies!