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Covid testing for Portugal once in Schengen area

I am from the United States, and we make a loop: flying into Porto, Portugal (we'll get tested here in the USA), then to Barcelona, then to Paris, then back to Porto. On the Paris to Porto leg since we will be in the Schenen area, would we need a covid test because we carry American passports, or is that unnecessary because our departure is within Western Europe. Anyone have any ideas?


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As my daughter is visiting at the end of the month - after a one week stay in Italy. - I’ve researched this pretty thoroughly. And, I have a friend whose son is doing something similar and we both have come to the same conclusion.

Sadly, you will have to test before flying into Portugal - whether from the US or Schengen country. The fact that you do not have an EU Covid Certificate is the problem. Those of us with residency and vaccinations from Portugal, can fly within the Europe with only our Certificates. But, Portugal does not recognize the US CDC card as sufficient.

The good news is the tests are very easy to find and not very expensive.

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Thanks for letting me know. This is really helpful. I have my fingers crossed that the testing requirements for the US and Portugal will be dropped for vaccinated travelers sometime soon...

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Really has nothing to do with Schengen, each country within the EU sets its own requirements, though attempting to coordinate things as part of the EU.

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If you are in France, you can have your US vaccine card converted into a French QR code. It costs i think 36 euro. The first pharmacy I went to last month wouldn’t do it even though I tried to explain I needed it to go to Portugal. Second pharmacy I went to was willing to do it and the pharmacist even apologized for the fee! However the QR code wasn’t even checked when I flew Easyjet from France to Portugal. Of course ymmv and I felt better having the code!