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Covid test for RETURN TO USA IN Lisbon

Where can we get a Covid test, before return to USA from Lisbon? I contacted hotel and no answer.

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You might want to Google covid tests Lisbon. There are many places that do it.

If you are in the Baixa area, there is a temporary building right on Rossio square. There are actually several of them around town. They are easy to spot because they are white metal buildings - very unlike anything else.

If you are here several days, it should be very easy to spot one and stop to see if an appointment is necessary. If all else fails, do it at the airport, but it will be more expensive there.

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Check a local pharmacy for a rapid test. Hospital da Luz does tests as well as at airport. For a fee.

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If you have not left yet, we purchased in advance tests from
Is the same as the home test but you cannot open the package until connected to a teledoc a day before your US flight.
You also have to create an account on their APP beforehand so best to do all this from the US pretrip.
We just did this last week from Portugal to the US.

The ease of being able to do this n our hotel room the night before our flight on our own schedule was well worth any hassle of buying them in advance and packing them in our suitcase. Make sure your hotel has strong wifi signal though as the test is invalid if any drops on the connection happen regardless of your fault or not. The doctors need to be able to watch your every move.
Once done and test negative they email you a test result which you can present at the airport check in
Buy and bring an extra test or two to cover yourself should a test be not valid.

Unless the US changes it's policy will be doing the same thing on our trip back from Italy to the US next month.

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Thank you for your Covid test information before returning the to the US.
I’m wondering about the time difference for the telehealth appt. and test verification? Is this a 24/7 connection for travelers?

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They claim they are open 24/7. My guess is they are using doctors outside the US ; likely in India for the service to be provided or somewhere similarly with lower hourly doctor pay scales.

In our experience we had 3 tests to complete. 2 of which had zero wait time for the doctor to connect, literally a few seconds each time.
3rd test we waited about 4 minutes on hold before a Doctor joined.
Tests each take 15 minutes, we had to do each separately and then with each it took about 15 minutes before the test result was in our email. Was all within 2 hours I recall for the 3 of us. Your times may vary so allow a little pad to my experience.

All done using an Iphone.

Recommend to test the night prior to your flight home, otherwise you will be stressed and rushed. Also good to have an option in case of it not working and you could get an airport test.

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Airport has a couple of testing places - results in an hour or so. As mentioned, Rosario Square has a temp office testing place. Also the Farmacias throughout the neighborhoods have testing which you can schedule, AND they sell a “proctored self test” , which is approved for travel TO USA. You can do in this your hotel the day before flight.
We brought the “emed” “Binax Now RX self test. The one with RX on the box is approved proctored self test. Bought through through UAL before we left USA. Easy as pie. Took 10 min. As said above , be sure you download the Navica app to your phone before you leave USA, if you buy the “e-med Binax Now Rx” self test. You use the Navica app to do proctored test, and receive QR code through the app to show at airport departure gate.