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Clothes for tour February to mid March

Not sure what to pack. Lisbon to Porto no beach cities.
Any ideas would be appreciated I am sensitive to cold:
2 light thin short sleeve shirts
1 pair summer pants
1 pair winter pant comfy fleece line
2 wool sweaters
1 long sleeve summer shirt
1 long underwear shirt (can be warn as a long sleeve sleeve shirt or pj top)
2 long underwear (can be worn as pjs)
1 pj top
7 underwear
light packable puffy coat
Light rain jacket

blue light sweater
Black blue hoodie
Black short sleeve shirt
1 winter pant fleece lined
1 underwear and bra

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I would recommend a full-length packable raincoat/parka. If your rain jacket is shorter, I'd advise rain pants. A wet lower body is just not comfortable, and one feels much colder.
I think an umbrella is a distraction and too easy to lose.
Safe travels!

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We were in Lisbon and Porto the first to mid March. The weather was very mild that year--60s and 70s. It was warm and windy the beginning of the trip, misty one afternoon in Porto, and warm again at the end. A friend took the same tour late Feb into early March, and she also had warm sunny weather the beginning and end of the trip with pouring rain for a couple of days in Porto. We checked the weather before departure and didn't take any winter clothing--just a few pieces that could be layered like a fleece, cardigan, and rain jacket with hood. I wore long pants and long sleeve shirts most of the trip. By the end, I was wishing I had brought a couple more short sleeve shirts. The 1 item I really missed having was a hat. Sunglasses were a must. Perhaps the weather will be cooler this spring, but I see no need for a puffy coat.

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Add a pair of jeans. I take black ones to make them more flexible.

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During that time of the year, the weather can be wonderful with sunny skies and temperatures in the low 70’s. Or it can be rainy with temps in the 50’s.

I’ve lived here over six years and just now bought a cashmere sweater. Cotton sweaters layered with T-shirt’s work very well the vast majority of the time. Unless you use the long underwear for pajamas, they are not needed. The heaviest coat I have is a lined rain coat. It has a zip in fleece liner that I’ve only used when traveling to colder climates in the winter. I can’t imagine needing fleece lined pants.

IMO you would be better off thinking of extra layers of cotton clothing that can be added or taken off as needed.

You will need rain gear more than wool items. I agree with a hooded rain coat rather than umbrella.

All this said - depending on your accommodations, you might need heavier clothing for inside than out. If you haven’t already, check to see what kind of heat your accommodations have. Using portable heaters is very common, especially in places that are older. If you are only staying in hotels, the heat should be more reliable.

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I have been several times in February and March and we have had a little sunshine, but it has been very windy, which makes it feel cooler, especially in February. We have also had lots of rain, on one occasion lasting for days on end, which is why I now go to the Canary Islands at this time of year!

It’s not going to be beach weather. It’s still cold at night and I have needed a scarf, socks and a warm smart top for dining out.

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I once spent 2 weeks in mid-December from Sagres to Porto and saw wonderfully mild weather everyday except one rainy morning.

Bring a packable rain jacket, a compact umbrella, a mixture of long & short sleeve shirts (some cotton and some poly), one nice warm polartek sweater, a beanie, jeans, and a pair or two hiking pants. Long underwear is not really necessary, but if you get cold easily, go for it.