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Braga or Porto

Hello All,

We are doing a three week trip in Portugal in April and have most of the itinerary figured out… thanks to all the helpful hints here!

The last part of the trip is a river cruise up the Douro which starts in Porto. As part cruise we will be in Porto on the day we embark and the following day.

So my question is…

We can end our car tour prior to the cruise in Braga and spend three nights touring the area, drive back to Porto and drop off the car and board the ship, having a day and a half to see Porto.

Or we can end our car tour prior to the cruise in Porto, get a hotel, drop off the car and see Braga via train.

Which scenario would you recommend?


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If I understand this correctly, you will have a car while staying in Braga and potentially use that city as a base? If so, I think it will be hard to decide between the two options. I love Porto and I also love the Minho area of Portugal. I guess it comes down to if you want to end your time in a city versus visiting smaller towns and coastline. JulieDawnFox is a good source for information on the Minho. My favorite town in the area is Ponte de Lima.

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I would use Braga as a base for touring.
Touring nearby places like Ponte de Lima, Barcelos ( the origin of the Portuguese rooster 🐓), make a car more useful in Braga than Porto.
Some Braga tourist info sites:
Ponte de Lima: