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Bicycle Touring in Portugal

Looking for advice regarding bicycle touring (two cyclists, not a tour group) in Portugal. There are some routes suggested on web sites, but we would be interested in hearing from someone with hand experience.
We are experienced bicyclist, both sport and touring. We now ride our Bike Fridays for travel, as we can check the bikes through as luggage, and stow them back in the suitcase (which converts to a trailer pulled by the bike).
We are in the process of planning a 3 week trip to Portugal this fall. Our thoughts are to use trains to move from one region to another, staying 4-5 days in Lisbon (no cycling there), 4-5 days in the Douro Valley/Porto, 4-5 days in Coimbria, and 4-5 days in Evora with an excursion to the coast.
How are the roads, interactions with automobile, terrain and road conditions on secondary roads?

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Some of the worst driving I have seen anywhere on the planet has been in Portugal, but the stats show that their driving is improving! Prior to the 1974 revolution, hardly anybody had a car, so they do not have a long history of driving.

The roads are generally great, smooth (EU funded) surfaces OR unsurfaced, gravel tracks with little in between each category. The country has been practically broke and from what I have seen further south, road repairs have not been a priority.

Generally in rural Portugal, there is less traffic than I would see in rural England and the countryside is great.