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Azores and Madeira

pl send me as much info as possible on Azores and Madeira islands. We plan to visit in 3rd week of nov.
Need to know in 6-7 days which islands are worth visiting and for how long in each island?
Also request hotel suggestions , Sights to visit, transportation suggestion to visit sights , etc in each suggested islands. Thanks

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Who and where do I address the invoice to?

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Check on transportation between Madeira and the Azores. I wouldn't be surprised to find that all flights connect through Lisbon. Even if they don't, I wouldn't try to squeeze both island groups into a one-week trip. I've been to Madeira, and you could easily fill all your time there. I bet the same is true of the Azores.

Note that the island of Madeira has no natural, sandy beaches.

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I sent you my Azores guide. With 6-7 days, only visit Sao Miguel. Save Madeira for a separate trip.


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Hi Carl,
Thanks for the reply.
Either I have not received your guide or please tell me how do i retrieve it.

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Click on the Google link. If it does work, respond to my private message with your email address and I will send it directly.

I will send another private message with the link just in case.


I stayed in Ponta Delgada (Sao Miguel) for five days and felt it was the perfect amount of time to see the island, although I met some people who had stayed longer. Traveling in between the islands is expensive but the people I met who did travel to the other islands said it was great and way less touristy than Sao Miguel (not that Sao Miguel is "super touristy" anyway).

I think a very underrated attraction on Sao Miguel is the walking trail to Rolva da Relva. It's a small village right at the base of some cliffs that's only accessible by foot, scooter, or donkey (seriously, saw people riding on donkeys). Almost no tourists there, just some friendly locals sitting on their porches enjoying the beautiful weather. Keep in mind the hike down to the village is very steep but it's very worth it in my opinion. has a lot of great information on the Azores. I almost exclusively used their website for trip planning and found it to be very helpful.

Finally, I highly recommend renting a car. Public transportation isn't great there. There are tour companies that can take you to the main sights but having the flexibility of going where I wanted to was worth the money.

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SATA operates at least one direct flight between the Azores and Madeira, most days, depending on the time of year. Because of the short runway, big jets do not land in Madeira.

SATA does serve some cities in North America, either to the Azores or through Lisbon. is a valuable site for researching short-hop European flights.

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Hi from Wisconsin,
We only visited Madeira. Spent a week. Rented a car for under $10/day. The island kept us busy for 7 days. Memorable. And some great flame cooked chicken and beef. Open flame is a specialty.

wayne iNWI