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Anyone have a private driver for Porto to Salamanca, Spain?

I’m roughing out a trip idea for March. We’re doing the RS Portugal, which ends in Porto. I’m trying to decide where to go from there. I’ve got a long London stay all mapped out but now I’m thinking I might to go to Spain instead. I’m willing to give up the thought if the Porto transit is too difficult but…

Once I’m in Spain, the trains are easy and fast. But I really want to start in Salamanca and do this:
Salamanca - 3 nights
Madrid - 3 nights
Seville, Cordoba and Granada - 12 nights total, not sure how I’ll divvy it up.

We’ll fly home from our last city, but I don’t know if it will be Seville or Granada.

So my only issue is how to get from Porto to Salamanca. I don’t want to rent a car. I don’t want to do the complicated train connection. The Alsa bus arrives in Salamanca at 3:30am so that’s out for us.

Does anyone have a driver they can recommend?


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I haven't done this, but you could take a look at this option using My Day Trip.

Pricey, but faster than any other option.

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@Lo - Thank you. I price that at 268 Euros - or 315 US. That’s not bad at all since I get to split everything with one other person.

But I’m really hoping for a personal recommendation to a specific driver. I like to be able to know who I’m traveling with - that they’ll drive safely, won’t use their phone while they’re driving, might have a fun idea for a lunch stop etc.

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I'll add a bit of further research as the topic of connection Spain and Portugal comes up often.
I have not found a driver but I did find that Flix Bus might work. On Saturdays and Sundays, Flix does a direct bus from Porto to Salamanca. It takes just under 6 hours. There is no direct bus on other days, as of right now.

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Alsa has a direct bus in the daytime as well, at least on some days of the week (it showed up on random Mondays and Tuesdays in August and September). Leaving at 9.30 AM.