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Any recent experiences of the Sud Express night train from Lisbon into France?

I've heard Lisbon airport should be avoided and anyway flights between Lisbon and Bordeaux (for example) are on less desirable airlines (easyjest and TAP), so the train seems a goo,d, though very likely more expensive, alternative.

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I've never taken a train from Portugal to France, and I don't know exactly where you're heading, but if you're considering the night train that departs Lisbon at 9:34 PM and arrives at Hendaye at 11:33 AM, I suggest that you take a look at the stops that train makes--ten of them between midnight and 6:30 AM. It's hard to sleep through the braking, noise and acceleration of ten stops. If you are, in fact, going to Bordeaux, the train will take 17-1/2 hours.

TAP is the Portuguese national airline.

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Most people I've heard from really like Easyjet.

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Hi. Don't know why you say Easyjet and TAP are less desirable airlines. I wouldn't hesitate to use either one. Enjoy your trip!

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Australian Frequent Flyer forum members report long delays and ineptutude at Lisbon aiport. Recent reviews of both easy jet and TAP on are decidely negative.

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You do understand that no one really reports positive experiences? If you only read reviews, you’d probably never leave Australia.

Have you ever read about the horrors of night trains?

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We flew out int’l from Lisbon June 2016, no problems with airport at all.

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I have a great deal of air travel experience, a cumulative total of more than 2 million flight miles. I have recently flown on both Easyjet and TAP, and in my experience, both are quite acceptable. Of course, Easyjet is a super budget airline, but their service is comparable to other budget airlines. I have gone trough the Lisbon airport four times in the past year and had good experiences. It is true that passport control, both coming and going in the Lisbon airport, can be slow. Of course, the same can be said for many US airports. Plan on 15 to 60 minutes to get through passport control in Lisbon.