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1 week in Portugal before Morocco

We will be traveling in August to Portugal and Morocco and probably in that order. We have no choice on the time of year so don’t try to talk us out of it because it’s too hot. My question is if we want to spend about one week in Portugal and one week in morocco, 1) what two places would you pick? The obvious ones I guess would be Lisbon and Puerto but I sort of had my heart set on visiting the Algarve and hanging out on the beach. And 2) is There any reason why one might be better to visit before the other? We will likely be flying from one country to the other. So I guess it comes down to do I want to visit Lisbon and Puerto or Lisbon and somewhere on the Algarve? Please help

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It's Porto, not Puerto, and Porto is far more interesting than the Algarve. Algarve has pretty coastal scenery, and some of the towns are a nice mix of history and summer fun, but to me that's about it. Not sure it's worth crossing the oceans for, if you have to make sacrifices in the rest of your trip.
Whereas Porto is unique. And there's a beach if you want one, pretty decent ones too!