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I regret to inform that I believe Zuzabed in Lisbon must not have survived the pandemic. I had reservations there for July 2020. When the border was closed I was given a credit. Now that it is open I have tried to rebook my stay several times but the proprieter Luis is just NOT answering me even though the website is still active. Looks like I have lost about 360 Euros. So sad, I loved this hotel and Luis was a wonderful host.

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Have you tried calling or messaging via Facebook? I see a connection to WhatsApp on their Facebook page.

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Thank you for trying to help but that did not work either. No response to anything, I then reached to my bank to see if they could help me ask for a refund since I obviously cannot re book. They said sorry it is too old. ZUZA bed is just gone.

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That’s sad to hear, hlb29, on several levels - not the least of which is that you’re out €360 with no lodging to show for it! The pandemic is affecting many people in many ways, obviously some more severely than others.

We’ve experienced a similar mystery, not knowing for certain what’s happened with another place where we wanted to return, although this was a B&B in London. We’d stayed there just before the full pandemic broke out, in early 2020. After vaccinations became available and travel opened up a bit, we’d planned to stay there again. Although their Website seemed to be up and running, it didn’t accept any actual reservations. I had the personal e-mail addresses for both Liz and Michael, the owners, but have received no response to several messages I sent them. Our flight to London this summer got canceled, so we went to Italy instead.

Hoping to return this coming spring, I’ve kept attempting to find out how they’re doing, in what status, and whether we can ever return there. The Website remained on the Web. Then, in just the last couple of weeks, I saw that 22 York Street is for sale. Within another 48 hours, the Website was gone. I hope the owners, a fairly elderly couple, are OK. They were wonderful hosts, too. But maybe I’ll never know for sure.

I hope you’re able to find a suitable place to stay when you return to Lisbon. It’s really a shame that, in addition to everything else, your money after all that time appears to have vanished, with no confirmation of exactly what happened to it.

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There are recent reviews in tripadvisor, and Luis is answering them (december 2021).

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We were forced to cancel a Portugal trip for summer 2020 due to Covid. All airline, hotel reservations, car rental deposits, etc. were recovered except for Zuzabed. I even offered to accept half my deposit to share what I think had to be a tremendous pandemic blow to his business. His reply? Silence.

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I'm happy to find this forum about Zuzabed, one of  the wonderful travel memories I have after a delightful stay.

We stayed in this charming little B&B last month for  our first time and I have to say it was our highlight in Portugal. 

We traveled on a voucher/credit left over from the pandemic  with smooth sailing. Luis was an excellent gracious host and responded to any questions we had even prior to arrival.  I'm surprised reading this because he is certainly in business and we shared breakfast  with a few other post pandemic  Rick Steve's travelers, some of them on the same "rescheduled guests group" like us.

About what I've read here, I'm sure you haven't lost your money. I never had that feeling during the whole  process as I had to cancel. Yes, it's true that he is a very busy person with all Guests arriving and going pretty much every day and with hundreds of emails to answer😉 Anyway, I often call the hotels to talk directly. He is very flexible and speaks a perfect English. A wonderful person to be with when on vacation.

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Thank to all who replied, now I know that my favorite hotelier has not succumbed to that nasty little bug. I did finally hear back from him and it turns out he tried to reconfirm but I never got his message due to a typo in my email address. You would think someone would get a failed email message back but it went into cyberspace! I never called because between the time zone difference and my crazy work hours it is not possible to call him at a decent hour. Have a great day and to quote Rick, Happy Travels.