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Looking for place to stay in Salema, family run would be great.

My sister and I are going to Spain and spending a few days in the Algarve. Would like to stay in Salema for a few nights. Prefer something family run, low key, but clean and friendly. We are going in late May. Anyone have any recommendations. Cant get a hold of Ricks Portugal book at this late date. Thanks

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From 10 years ago, Pensión Mare, a BnB, may fit your preference. There are also a few regular hotels. Some families rent rooms out of their homes, but don't expect much. Check for current info and other options, or simply run an internet search. Salema is small, so it may be booked up already.

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Salema these days has become very over-developed and you really need a car to get around. The RS info is out of date - it’s not the quiet fishing village it was 10 years ago.

A Mare - some of the rooms are very small and very basic, whilst others are larger. Some have sea views. Their website indicates that they are fully booked late May, with the exception of the odd night.

There is only one hotel the Residencial, which is centrally located, but with small, dated rooms. Most of the accommodation in Salema is in the form of apartments and villas, as can be found on Trip Advisor rentals or

I have stayed in several apartments and cottages there over the years. You will certainly get fit there as the hill is exceedingly steep!

These days, I prefer to stay elsewhere due to the over-development. If you won’t have a car, Lagos is a better option.

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The best place usually to ask your destination questions would be in the Travel Forum - Destinations - Portugal but in your case a poster, tgreen has just contributed a 4 part trip report on Portugal including Salema. I suggest that you read that report and then contact tgreen by private message. There is a lot a great information in this trip report that may be of use to you.

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Thanks everyone, fortunately we do have a car, so may stay somewhere else.