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Lisbon guest house: Casa Belmonte

The location is amazing!!! I loved the upstairs deck/terrace. The kitchen is super convenient.

We stayed there recently in two rooms: DH & I in one room, my mother in a second room. Charming guesthouse! When we arrived, DH was non-plussed, but Mom & I loved it. There is a small entrance and a small two-door elevator (it took two trips for 3 people and our luggage - otherwise it was a 5.5 floor walk up with suitcases - yikes!)

You enter and check in - they give you your key - the rooms we had included small balconies with table and tiny chairs, double (NOT QUEEN) bed, small desk, two side tables (ours were folding TV trays). dorm-type fridge, and a nice-sized wardrobe. There is a cute common area, a kitchen, and a fantastic rooftop terrace.

When you leave, you give them your key. It is just like the old movies. Love it!

The people working are super friendly and helpful! I would stay for an extended time with my Mom - we loved it! My hubs wanted more (I adore him, but he is a spoiled brat). Actually, Mom and I are planning to go back without DH.

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