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Dining at Pena Palace Sintra

We're planning a Portugal trip for late Oct with a day trip to Sintra. Based on the time we can get there from Lisbon, we're likely to be at Pena Palace at lunch time. I'd prefer not to cut out visit short just to head into town for dining. The RS Portugal guide recommends bringing a picnic lunch but I also understand there are a couple of dining options actually at the palace. Does anyone have any experience of these dining options?

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There is one dining option on one of the terraces of the Palace. (Parquet de Sintra Cafeterias?).

We didn’t eat there, but the reviews aren’t dazzling. It was only mildly crowded when we were there in May and the lines for the Cafe were long.

Peña Palace is pretty far walk from town and the bus back is also a bit of wait. We paid for the bus up ($20) and took a tuk-tuk back ($7). We took a light lunch with us, spent the afternoon up there and then had a nice early dinner in town after perusing some of the shops.

Quinta Regaleira is the other direction from Peña ($5 bus?) and has a nice garden cafe. Maybe do the Quinta in the morning as most of the sights are outside, lunch at the Quinta or in town and then head up to Peña? Not sure how you’re getting there but it’s a 3 Euro, 40 minute train ride from Lisbon to Sintra. Good luck

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I had lunch last summer at the Quinta Regaleira cafe and enjoyed the outdoor dining. No experience with Pena Palace dining.

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We waited in line for a bottle of water at the cafe at the Pena Palace - it took about 30 minutes - seriously. We were there in April of this year - about 6 weeks ago. There were pretty limited offerings. A few sandwiches, some pastry, chips, and drinks. It would make passable lunch but that line is really a problem.

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We also faced an astonishingly slow line to buy a soda. Not recommended.

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Great. That's talked me out of buying food at the Pena Palace. Either we reorder which sight we see first or pick up something in Lisbon on the way to the train station. I see a Padaria Portuguesa near the Pombal station which is the one we'd use to get the Metro to Rossio. They seem to have decent looking cold sandwiches and pastries. Thanx for the help.