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AirBNB verses

Steve speaks highly of the latter, but the former is hard to ignore. As Lisbon has both available, what do you think about the strengths and weakness of each?

BTW, is there a search function in the form?

This question may have been asked and answered but I can't find it.


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I don't think that that particular question has previously been posed here, not in the last 5 years.

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Cross-pollinate was brilliant at answering any questions I had about apartments on their site. I have stayed twice at The Beehive and at recommended apartments in Barcelona and Venice( which I would book again in a flash).

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Also, if you are looking for the search function, it's towards the top of the page. It's a light gray font SEARCH and has a magnifying glass symbol where you type your simple search terms search. It doesn't usually work very well but is worth giving it a try.

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I've tended to use VRBO / Homeaway, booking with places with good reviews. ( and did for Portugal,) For a trip to England this coming summer I looked at cross-pollinate, but really felt that they had little selection and it was expensive. Air BnB seems to have a much broader selection, than both. Just out of curiosity VRBO for England seems to have a lot of places with no reviews. Does anyone know why? Of course I wonder if they are legit, but they can't all be frauds.

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I asked several friends, all based in the UK about Cross Pollinate and they, like me had never heard of them. Looking at their website, they offer far less accommodation than Airbnb, which is now the default website of choice here.

VBRO has fewer reviews, as you are not prompted at the end of the holiday to add a review as you are on Airbnb. I have stayed in over 20 of their properties including some in the USA and have never had a problem with any of them.

A British website that covers some countries in Europe and has better quality accommodation is