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winter in prague

We are thinking of travelling to Prague in January. Can anyone give me advice on how cold it will be? Also is it possible to see all the sights at this time?

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I've been to Prague in late January and it was excellent. Saw everything, was not that cold, no snow, but it is hard to make a long term climate judgement based on a single weekend. And then just about anything is "not that cold" compared to where I live. Especially liked "Don Giovanni" at the Estates Theater.

PS Shouldn't this be in the Czech Forum?

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Yes, it should, because Prague is in the Czech Republic and it's the largest city there and also the capital.
January could be pretty cold. Last time I was there in January (about 6 years ago) it was well below freezing and snowy. Prague is different in winter. No sitting outside, trees without leaves in parks. But concerts, theaters, operas more than in summer. Museums the same. Certain castles around Prague closed. No cruises on the river.

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Prague in January, is a good time to visit as the tourism is low. The weather can vary from year to year so plan on cold (-7C) to winter warm (+2C). Prague receives snow, but that varies each year. You will find great cafes, restaurants or pubs everywhere to tuck into on colder days. There are some outdoor sites as well as a good range of indoor things. As long as you plan for the colder weather you will have a great time in Prague!